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Automate Accounts Payable

Every company has bills to pay. If you work at a growth company, chances are you have a completely manual Accounts Payable that is paper intensive costing over $15 per invoice. There are four foundational models to enable AP Automation in the market today: (1) scanning / OCR of paper invoices, (2) electronic capture of invoices from suppliers enabled by PTP software platforms, (3) PDF data capture services, and (4) emerging Robotics Process Automation (RPA).  Bluvault offers expertise to advise and implement each model, enabling clients to select the best solution for their needs and reduce their cost per invoice dramatically.

  • Automate 50-80% matching of AP invoices against Purchase Order and Receipts
  • Supplier enablement services to promote adoption of electronic invoice capture
  • Capture missed prompt payment discount savings opportunities
  • Automate the Payment issuance process via multiple payment methods through our partner, Nvoicepay
  • Custom robotics solutions to automate AP data entry into any ERP